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In the hectic pace of the modern world, with constant connectivity, viral videos, and life always on the move, the simple photograph triggers and important response in us all.

It compels us to stop and reflect

The frozen image demands more than a cursory glance whilst it tells its story. It ignites our imagination, brings an avalanche of memories, and triggers all our senses.

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Me ?

Photography provides an inherent ability to create a visual work without being personally proficient at (or patient enough for) the disciplines of drawing or painting.

Like many I can list my long line of image making devices and the fact that since I was introduced to having a camera I nearly always had one with me. I loved taking images with film, but it is a very involved process with delayed gratification and requirement for strong discipline due to the limited shots on a roll of film. I distinctly remember it being enormously expensive. Not the camera so much, as the film purchase, processing and print production processes. But I was able to pick up a lot of early technique whilst learning video and assisting in event photography.

And now there is digital.

This is awesome. I pay for the camera. I pay for the print. But everything else in between is free and easy. Getting the image onto the computer, reviewing it, tweaking it, and sharing it with others. I have additional software to simplify and automate the process, but in reality the basics can all be done with the out of the box free utilities and web applications. I don't count the computer cost, as these are pretty much like toasters nowadays and every modern household has one or more (we only have one toaster though).

My Photography ?

I have a passion for street photography and capturing people going through their daily lives. I like to see what people are doing. This also includes the challenges of sporting events, and more recently some rodeos up here in Cape York.

My interest in people continues into the studio. The challenge of getting my clients to relax and bring out natural expressions and having them enjoy and revel in the experience is a lot of fun !!

I take whatever opportunity I can so landscapes, food photography and diving all end up in the mix as well.

PHOTOGRAPH:  A picture painted by the sun without instruction in art - Ambrose Bierce

Awards and Competitions


  • Champion Image of Show - 2014 Cairns Show - Living with Vertigo
  • Champion Photographer - 2014 Cairns Show
  • Champion Monochrome Image - 2014 Cairns Show - Living with Vertigo
  • 1st Place Monochrome Scapes - 2014 Cairns Show - Living with Vertigo
  • 3rd Place Colour Landscapes - 2014 Cairns Show - Pastel Sunset
  • Sydney International Exhibition of Photography 2014 - Working the Mudflats


  • Your Vision Their Sight - Charity Exhibition - Oyster Boats on the Sapphire Coast
  • Your Vision Their Sight - Charity Exhibition - In the Field


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